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Stuff Chaos, Boat Packing and the Launch!

In exactly a week’s time, we will leave from Bristol Harbour and begin our adventures.

In the past week we’ve sent our stuff to our mums’ attics, given it out for free via facebook, the wondrous Free Shop and the Freeconomy website, and finally for the worst dregs, lugged it to the tip. We’ve exchanged contracts on our house, moved out of it and into a friend’s spare room, filmed the process as best we could and started the final process of packing the boat.

Other highlights have included the final 2 days at my office job, a late night edit session on the broadcast cut of my first feature, several consultations with various other editors about the short docs for this project and a rummage through the Invisible Circus costume room for a King and Queen outfit for Boomtown festival this weekend. (Why are we performing at a festival when we have so much to do and only a week to prepare? Because we felt like having a proper dance and smiling a lot before our eyeballs fall out from stress).

This isn’t fun yet. In fact we’re both exhausted and getting rather snappy. But as the boat fills with impressively useful and intrepid objects (Survival suits! Meths stove! Gaffer tape! Rope!) and the fripperies and flab accumulated over 10 years in a comfy Bristol home (Beanbags! Hair wax! Unworn high heels!) fall away from our lives, it is all getting rather exciting.

You are invited to join us for the Launch:

Weds 15th August between 6-11pm Naomi Smyth and Sam Rossiter will launch their tiny boat from the Benjamin Perry Boathouse on Phoenix Wharf, BS1 6SR.

We’re presenting some of the films and answering questions about the project at 7pm sharp, and from 8-9 The Pink and glorious Ambling Band will be playing. After that, Booze! And the exciting launch moment itself at around 10pm.

Can I get a Woohooo!



3 thoughts on “Stuff Chaos, Boat Packing and the Launch!

  1. Good luck guys, you’re gonna have an amazing and inspiring adventure!

    Posted by alex | August 19, 2012, 8:08 pm
  2. Hi Maurice Boland here from iTalkfm in Spain one of Spain’s largest English radio stations trying to make contact to line up a telephone interview

    Posted by Maurice Boland | August 23, 2012, 11:58 am

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