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Connecting to the land by heading to sea..

I have written before about why I find sailboats an interesting preparation for the energy & ecological crisis we are facing. These thoughts are partly inspired by Orlov’s writings

A couple of years ago I put in a £500 ebay bid on a 22ft Junk rigged boat, at the time I didn’t really expect to win it but I did. So over the last couple of years I have been slowly doing the boat up whilst learning to sail in the Bristol channel.

Whilst spending time on the boat, enjoying the feeling of sailing and traveling without fossil fuels, feeling the awesome power of the seas, I have also been musing on boats as a place to live.

Naomi and I were becoming settled. We had a mortgage (from the French for ‘death grip’), we are at the stage of life where we are getting serious about having children. It seemed that once we had children we would become even more entrenched in our dayjob/mortaged existence. We would watch as the housing crash continues to accelerate towards something resembling sensible pricing, trapped in an urban house and lifestyle that left us ill prepared for the future we face.

Whilst learning to sail, and continuing with this office based life a seed of an idea to go traveling has germinated. Whilst a boat barely bigger than a dinghy might seem like a poor choice for a potentially dangerous trip across the seas, the more we talked the more sense it (seemed to!) make. Living in such a small space would give us the opportunity to really scale back on the ‘things’ which clutter our daily lives and at the same time exert such a drain on the earth’s precious resources. It would be easier to heat, and we could just about row the thing when there is no wind, or we are on inland waters.

The more we talked, the less sense living in a crowded city and manipulating and moving data for a living made.

At the same time we are keen to explore a more land based lifestyle, I love growing food and in the longer term would like to look for a land based community to settle in. It may seem counter intuitive therefore to set out as far as you can from the land into the seas!

But as we reach peak everything the opportunities to travel and explore are likely to reduce as we become poorer and have to work harder to keep ourselves fed and clothed. Moving into a community is a massive commitment and we are not sure what balance of collectivism vs personal autonomy will suit us.

It seemed like we should visit a good number of people who are trying to build resilient communities to see what land based lifestyles would suit us. Should we do Geese? Mushroom growing? Orchards? what kind of production would suit us? In what part of the country or world should we live?

If we were going to explore the myriad possibilities, it seemed like the time to do it was now. To have a period of rootlessness of having no strong connection to place is a luxury for the good times.  At the same time the sea is one of the last wilderness spaces, a place where we will acutely feel our own insignificance and the power of nature, to go out and feel that, to feel that fear is enticing.

Gradually a plan to travel south through Europe on our tiny boat has emerged, as we go we hope to find communities and people who can inspire and teach us a more resilient life. Once we reach the Mediterranean next spring we shall try and become proper sailors, living at anchor and at the margins as much as we can to keep costs down.

The action of rowing, sailing and moving around the boat will improve our fitness, and by trying to step outside of the Mortgage/ rent paridigm we hope to reduce our expenses and reliance on ‘mainstream work’.

Living in such a small space will reduce our energy requirements, we hope to rely on wood/charcoal for heating and solar for electrical power. We hope to fish and forage as we go and acquire practical skills we are lacking.

We will attempt to live on a budget of £100 a week as we go, when we have spent this we will row instead of motor, reuse rather than buy, forage rather than shop. We will make exceptions to this only for reasons of safety, stocking up on fuel for a long passage, or a marina in a storm for example.

We plan to visit Spain and ultimately get to Greece and to see first hand what dealing with a collapsed economy is really like. From the raft dwellers on the Canal du Midi, barter economies on the Greek islands to the reclusive mountain dwelling spanish anarchists, we hope to explore and document peoples responses to the new paradigm of industrial contraction and the survival strategies people are developing.

We hope to learn new skills from the people we meet and become stronger more resliant people, we hope that in some small way our project and adventure will spark some conversations about resiliance and consumerism that we need to have as a society.

Naomi is a filmmaker and we will be making a series of short films for the web as we go, based around the characters and communities who we meet and the skills we learn.

Our route will take us through Wiltshire and up the Kennet and Avon canal towards London over the next few weeks. We are particularly keen to make contact now with people along this first stretch who might be able to show us a skill, offer some local knowlege of plants, teach us to make charcoal or offer an old story.

We will then be heading across the channel and down through the centre of France, through Paris, and down the canals to the Rhone. If you have any contacts for interesting people or places we should visit on this route it would be great to hear them.

Regarding the films we can of course offer as much privacy as people wish, not everyone will want to be filmed, not everyone will want to disclose their location or name and we fully respect that. We are not on a commission from anybody to ‘get a good story’, we are completely independent and interested in telling your stories and sharing your skills with the world in the way and to the extent that you are comfortable with. If you don’t want to be filmed, we still want to learn from you for our family’s future, so please do get in touch.



3 thoughts on “Connecting to the land by heading to sea..

  1. hello is rob of lexia hows it going heard about your engines got the outboard fixed dont wanna use it learning about sculling so i can minimise outboard use to minimum have loads of questions to ask about lexia got a realy good book this old boat how to fix fibreglass boat on shoestring


    Posted by rob | February 2, 2013, 9:05 am


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