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People of Greece! Apologies.

We were recently featured in the Daily Mail, in an article that focused largely on our stated destination of Greece. The Mail did not contact us, and based their article on what the Bristol Evening Post wrote a few days before. Despite repeatedly telling the Post that the project was not about Greece specifically but about the whole of Europe and individuals and groups within it and our journey between them, the Post and subsequently the Mail focused almost totally on Greece.

While they got a few things right (our ages, our names, the skills we want to learn, a few of our motivations for the project) the article/s gave the impression that we expect Greece to be either a) a dystopian Mad Max nightmare or b) some sort of foraging self sufficient wonderland of primitive skills.

I have been to Greece several times, have a few friends there, and am well aware that neither of these is the truth about Greece. While we are very interested in various strategies that certain people in Greece may be using to deal with the impact of the economic problems there (because our bet is that similar problems are on the way for us), we’re aware that the article gives completely the wrong impression about what we expect Greece to be like. Likewise, our hometown of Bristol is a normal British city with large areas given over to consumerism and throwaway culture, but within it are many projects and people preparing for a very different future.

The Mail will never apologise to you, as it has never apologised to anybody for its crass generalisations about other nations, so please accept this apology from us.

All the best to you in dealing with the challenges of this collapsing age.




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